Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Anchoring in Ponza

This is your common or garden floating armchair, or portable sunbathing platform.

We dropped our anchor in the buoyed anchorage by Ponza harbour. There didn't seem to be a lot of room, but it was easy enough to park ourselves without encroaching on another's anchorage…….. and then it began! An extraordinary influx of boats… they poured into the anchorage, and around it. Dropping anchors, tiny anchors, filling every space. A few police boats rounding them up and pushing them further in to leave space for the ferries. We have a boat 3m from our bow and another as close to the stern. If the wind changes there will be chaos!!! The whole thing lasted for hours and apart from a few shouts when one of those giant black speedboat things banged into an anchored yacht (everyone moves at high speed) it is all done in fine humour. There simply isn't enough space, but all are used to it, and somehow manage.
So now we are really somewhere special!! Another day of mostly motoring, just one hour with motor off.... but we have arrived at Ponza in the Pontine Islands. It is really something special. More photos to follow, we'll stay here for a few days rest. (and until Sabine does more than a mere 2!!! quadratic equations. Might be good enough for THS, but hoping to set a higher standard here!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another two days mostly motoring, flat calm seas. Today we passed Rome, there were SO MANY boats out fishing. Water was boiling with fish, hour after hour. I did catch a couple of nice mackerel and cooked them rather well, so somehow the dangerous pollution has been forgotten. Anne even ate the roe!

Caught on a nice blue squid lure made with Steve's help for when Tony T and I went trolling for albacore at hippolyte. Italian fish like Australian food!

tomorrow we move again to Pontine islands and that will do for a few days...

Anzio had one nice surprise for us. We went to sleep at 9, anchored outside the harbour, just off the beach. At around midnight we noticed a lot of noisy people in boats around us..... they were all in party mood and out to watch the fireworks! So we had a half hour of huge fireworks. We couldn't have parked closer to them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, we are finally on our way. Left Portoferrai on Weds and sailed around Elba to Golfo Della Lacona. It was a nice start, sailed most of the way, great scenery. The Golfo had a long beach plastered with umbrellas, and there were many plastic paddle boats with Italians having fun.
We set out from there on Thurs at 6am and had a fantastic day, sailed about 50miles mostly around 6kn, wind around 12 kn, seas less the 1m. We've ended up at Isola Di Giannutri, which almost feels like home. There seems to be almost no permanent settlement, just summer houses. No beach, so no umbrellas, and a million seagull things with their teenage chicks all over the island and the water.

Italy is weird. This is a national park, we are anchored in a bird rookery, ok, admittedly there seem to be too many birds, but the large Italian anchored just past us with his big plastic speed boat keeps taking his dogs ashore to let them run around. The sky fills with alarmed birds each time......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Fish

My first catch in the Mediterranean! I think it's a 'bogue'!!! also known in scientific circles as Boops boops!!!

And to update, it was quite delicious. Fishing continues to be fun, I caught a Striped Sea Bream and a couple of Jack Mackerel, or a close relative. The sad thing is...... Anne read in one of her books that the Mediterranean is polluted, so neither of the girls will eat any fish. I had to stuff all of them down alone, and they ate a sausage made from intensively farmed pork......

Friday, June 18, 2010

First day out sailing without previous owner, Paul's help. We put up the genoa in very light winds and still did 5 knots!
That's Annie pretending to be very relaxed!

Beanie loves these 3 wheeler trucks, expect to more of these on the blog! The Ellida was 'parked' on the concrete by the hanger when we first arrived.

First coffee in Italy. It was exceptional!

First swim in Mediterranean. It was exceptional!

A wander around Portoferraio

Whilst Rob had his head down in a stinky electric loo with spanner in hand, in a very tight space, Sabine and I had a carefree wander, aimlessly going where the streets took us. We found the little shops in the back streets behind the old port and clambered up cobbled steps, seeing snippets of life in the old lane-ways, where washing was strung between open windows and exuberant Italian voices echoed from within.
There's another 3 wheeler as promised!

A very average letter box.

The fortifications behind the old port and near Napolean's residence.

A much loved Citroen!

We have a favourite cafe, and the owner knows exactly what we will order: un caffe espresso e uno chinoto per favore!

Still at Esaom Marina.

  • Successful market purchase! On following Clare's strict instructions to buy her a pair of socks in a random location!

  • The Ellida 1 at sunset in her expensive berth in Esaom Marina!

    • The happy captain!

    • Keeping her neat and shipshape!

    • That means keeping the kitchen tidy too

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boat trials out of Portoferraio

Anne looking in terror at the fast approaching ferry. (No, that is an island, the ferry is the pixel above Sabine's knuckle.)

I don't like it here, it stinks, people are not nice and fashion is 2 years out of date

So. here is really pretty, the buildings are very old, and quite beautiful. The icecream, coffee, chinotto, sun, is amazing, the people my age are snooty, i just bought some havianas (thongs) for 5 euros, :o , and a new bikini top and shorts. oh and the comment on the picture of me above was written by dad!! ok?? anyway, i do like it here, the weather is much more suited to my taste, and the only things that really bug me are the lack of friends and the smell! thats the most recent update of.... Italian Times... Sabine bester, signing out. BYEEEEEEEE x