Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lautoka to Malomo Lai Lai Island, Musket Cove Resort. 19th-22nd June

We arrived at Malomo Lai Lai, our island resort of sun and fun, at first made invisible by teeming rain and fog... but once the veil parted, we could negotiate the passage through the aqua coral reefs and drop anchor. There were 20 or more anchored yachts with a backdrop of coconut palms and sandy beaches and scenes of fun, fun, fun!
Rob paid a $1 registration fee at the marina, which meant we could use all the facilities at both resorts, 'Musket Cove' and 'Plantation', the Ellida being an international yacht.
Sabine was up at sunrise the next morning ready for day one, and her mission was for her first time ever, to do some wake-boarding and Dad has to go in the boat too! So out they went, Beanie stood up on the board for 2 seconds and crash…two more tries.. the same, and then like magic she was upright and staying that way, scooting around the bay, past the Ellida and all the way back without falling, looking almost professional! Ouch! That was along squat!
It's day two and the girls have had swims in the many pools, paw paw slushies and sun-baked hours relaxing, reading books drawn from the book-swap library. It was also an exciting day because the new crew, brother Sam and friend Matt, arrived on the ferry. We have a nice crowd on board the Ellida!!
Day three and the captain sends the boys to do a mandatory snorkel on the reef before they get down to scrubbing the bottom of the boat. Sam has been dubbed the Sail Master so he tackled the job of adjusting the new furling and stays… up the mast twice in one day!
Meanwhile the girls…languishing at the beach today with iced coffees and potato wedges. Beanie played a game of volley ball and rounded up the other teenagers and kids for a game of soccer on the beach in the cool evening air. Our last day of the resort is over! Tomorrow it's back to Lautoka to get to the post office, market and customs in readiness for the boy's next adventurous crossing of the Pacific!

You can see the view from the mast, Sam loves to go up there.

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  1. Great pics. No wonder Sam likes to go up the mast, all those steps make a change from a bosun's chair on the end of a halyard,the way he does it here!


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