Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moce Fiji

Well the girls have flown home and left the three boys to do the blue job. We had to wait an extra few days in Lautoka for the new wind instrument to arrive in the mail, a combination of 'still day' in Suva, customs working hours, a weekend etc. We used the time well, putting the boat in a marina at Vuda Point and doing lots of preparation. Ate some more new foods, 'Drumsticks', a seed pod you can make curry with. Parcel arrived so we cleared out of Fiji, but rather than doing the correct thing and leaving straight away, we anchored at Momi Bay, just inside the reef to wait for the weather to improve. We had two sleeps there and Sam spent half a day on top of the mast fitting the new instrument. We now know why the old one fell off. It should have two clamps attaching it, but there was only one. When Matt found half a clamp in a drawer we understood. The previous owner must have dropped a bit from the mast and watched it splash overboard! The new one is very well fixed with nylock nuts and we don't expect it to go anywhere.
Weather was still a little strong but improving so we headed out through the pass and into the ocean again.

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