Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eat Your Tinsel, Miss Fish

Stephen, my hair-dresser, gave me a few lures. One, a cute little red thing caught some fine fish before it was lost in the bad patch of big yellow-fin tuna that claimed so many hooks and some lures before we reached Australian shores. Another of his lures is a shocking tousle of tinsel looking for it's Christmas Tree. It is not a thing of beauty, but the gut feeling is that something so attention seeking must surely find a fish. Stephen, however said he had towed it half way across the Pacific and never a bite, so there was a challenge. I dragged it from Fiji and it was ignored by one and all. We hooked a Tip-Top 12 grain bag off NSW, quite a fighter when full of water, and showed great colours as it was played in. An albatross made a similar error of judgement and was released unharmed, but neither of them went for the tinsel. This morning, however, just off Eden, I found the fish that would. Both crash lines went out, Steve Scott's light purple squid, the lure that broke the drought and just keeps catching, and finally, The Tinsel! Two nice fat albacore.
We're having a very easy run down the coast. Light winds so a lot of motoring, but calm seas and a few fast sails as well.
Here's a pic of our last view of the mainland before crossing the treacherous Tasman Sea.

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