Saturday, July 2, 2011

Towards New Caledonia

We are 2/3 of the way to New Caledonia now. The first day and a half were really unpleasant with 25 kn and a messy 3 m sea. This was a tough start for Sam and Matt and they were thoroughly sea-sick. Captains have no such luxury so I just had to pretend all was well, but I certainly felt better back inside the reef in Fiji. On the bright side, we made excellent progress, doing 6-7 kn most of the time. Conditions gradually improved and stomachs came to some arrangement with inner ears. Morale took a huge boost as we started to catch some fish. We've landed three little tuna so far, and ate a whole one last night for the first decent meal of this leg. We've had 24 hours of rain and the wind has dropped and turned on our nose. Motor sailing now at just 4 kn and about 200 miles to go. The sea in front of us has some interesting features on the chart. Volcanic activity 1996, reefs with wrecks, discoloured water reported, shoals and isolated islands, so tomorrow we'll be navigating with caution!

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