Monday, July 18, 2011

New Caledonia pics

So here we were. Mare, Loyalty Group, then passing Grand Terre, New Caledonia. The Araucaria pines were the highlight for Matt, although you can see he was pretty excited with his mahi-mahi, and we were all very pleased when the repaired wind vane steering was re-commissioned! And before you complain about too many fish photos.... there were many fish that missed their photo shoot, it could be worse. Very fishy waters, or maybe it was the change to Steve's little mauve squid lure.. We did lose a few more lures and a lot of broken hooks on the way to Australia, big yellowfin I think.
Ellida is now parked at Coffs Harbour waiting for some nasty southerly weather to pass. Malindi and Bilge came down from Brisbane, spent a night on the boat and have gone home taking Matt with them. We miss him, he was a wonderful shipmate.

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